Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Friday, November 2, 2007


My First Summer Job

I was told to either get a job or get out by my Dad so I did both, I got a job at a farm down the road with room and board and the first task I was given by "Old Wilbur" was cleaning up the stables, they didn't need it as a Barn any more and wanted to make a "Carriage House" for the Cars.

I'd just started when I found an old magazine, it was cheaply printed on heavy stock and other than the cover didn't have much in the way of words, but man did it have some hot pictures!

I was hard by the time I'd turned the first page and saw the double spread of naked flesh. These were not just tame nudist pictures, but full on sex with closeups and hard cocks in wet cunts! Real Swedish Porno!
I imagined myself standing there over the beautiful woman, hard cock poised to enter her mouth, watching the other man fuck her intensely hard and fast as she screamed for more. I was so hard it was starting to hurt and I looked around and everything looked cool so I opened my pants and took my steel hard cock in my hand. It felt like it was on fire and I pulled my balls free, moaning as I flipped the page and saw a cock entering her tight ass.
I had just started to get really into the pictures, and my stroking, when I heard a chuckle behind me. I would have pissed myself if I were not so fucking hard and close to cumming!

I turned and saw Old Wilburs Nephew James walking toward me. I tried to get my cock back in but it was too hard and I would have to unbuckle to stuff it down my pants. I just stammered and tried to think about how I could keep from being fired and have to explain why I only lasted two hours and then I saw he was smiling!

"What did you find there Artie?" he said in a friendly tone.

"Looks like some of my old porn stash. mind if I look too, it's been a long time since I came out here, so to speak."

I tried to hide my cock and he took two quick steps and was on me, looking around me at my erection.

"Oh yea, I remember that one, hot Dude!"

He grabbed the magazine and stepped closer to me, I tried to stuff my cock back again as soon as he took the magazine and he put his arm on mine and then slid his other hand down and softly touched my cock shaft.

"Don't put it away, I could use a good nut myself, and it's always more fun together."

"What? I..I never...I mean, you want to.." I stammered as he wrapped his hand around my shaft and gave it a firm squeeze.

"What, you never had a circle jerk or just jacked off with a friend before?"

"No, I...a...ahhhh....ohhh...never...."

I forgot what he asked me when he grabbed my wrist and guided my hand to his crotch and the bulge I'd not noticed before.

He stroked my shaft and my knees got weak and my cock throbbed even harder, I was shocked at my intense reaction to his hot hand, the only other mans hand that had ever been on my cock.

I slid my fingers across his jeans, feeling the veins of his shaft through the material. His cock pulsed and I moaned and he squeezed my cock tighter. "Yea, Artie, you like that, don't you?"

"Ohhh...God, that feels nice." I whispered as he pulled his cock out and slid it into my hand.

We explored each others shafts, tips and balls and I was amazed at how he seemed to know exactly how to touch, stroke, squeeze to keep me getting hotter, harder and hornier each second.

His hand fucked my cock and I just tried to feel every inch of his muscle, every crease of his balls, the veins on the shaft, the spongy but firm and smooth tip and the massive orbs inside his nutsack.

"Suck me Artie, suck my cock and I'll suck yours." He said in a low, husky voice that was more of an instruction than a request. I felt my already weak knees buckle as he pushed me down with no resistance on my part.

I let the tip slide between my lips, licked the slit with my tongue and suddenly felt like this was exactly what I'd been missing all my life, a huge cock in my mouth!

"Oh yea, suck that mother fucking cock baby!, suck it like the little hose monster you are!"

I surrendered completely to his will, taking the hard flesh deep into my throat and letting him skull fuck me hard and fast until he stopped, and I was still sucking like a calf at a tit when he stepped back and I head "Old Wilbur" at the barn door.

"You cock sucking little faggots think I pay you to drink cum and ass fuck each other all day?"

I didn't even try to hide my erection or close my wide open mouth, I just smiled when I saw his massive 11 inch cock standing out from his coveralls.